BearHugs Testimonials

Thank you for taking a look at our testimonials page.

As we are a brand new business we do not have any at this stage.

However if you wish to book a party and then submit a testimonial and photo in the box below that we can use for promotional purposes of the great party you experienced, it would be much appreciated.

Special Bonus

If you wish to go the extra step after sending us your written testimonial and record a 1-2 minute video that we use for promotional purposes, we will send you a FREE BearHugs promotional T Shirt for your furry friend along with a pair of really COOL teddy bear sunglasses valued at $11.00.  The video can show the kids having fun, or maybe saying a few words with their BearHugs toy - be creative!

You will need to come in an get our Consent Form from  and have it signed by everybody who was filmed. This can be done when coming to pick up the machine. 

Once you have done this, you will need to give us a call to arrange to receive your FREE gift.

Thanks for taking a look.  Click here to Book A Party


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