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Kids make a bear with ‘BearHugs parties’ at home using our mobile DIY ‘HugFiller’: the special plush toy animal stuffing machine.

I don’t know if you’re like me and have had problems trying to come up with creative kids party ideas but I think this is one of the best!  Well I suppose I’m a bit biased, but gosh what a great birthday party idea.

Building a BearHug is easy, fun and most of all, exciting for the children.  So what are the benefits to the children?


Once they have made a bear with the HugFiller the kids get to personalise their own unique cuddly critter with a set of clothes & stuffed animals accessories - who doesn’t like dress up? 

Then they get to name their BearHug and give it a birth certificate, which is always great fun!! 

Finally your children (as if they haven’t had enough fun already!) make a wish on a star and put it inside their furry friends and even give it a voice with our pre recorded voices or record their own.  Fantastic!!

Finding activities for kids and activities for toddlers can be difficult, but as I am sure you would agree this is a fabulous cost affordable party idea.

Not forgetting of course each child gets to take home one of BearHugs huggable, cuddly, furry friends.

So Let’s Look at the Benefits for You as Parents.

Well, firstly, when your child has a party it’s always a bit tricky to find things for a party bag.  Something your child’s friends can take home as a thank you for helping celebrate the special day.  Most parents rely on lollies and small toys but with people becoming more health conscious, this isn’t always appreciated!

With BearHugs they get something that will last much longer than the lolly wrappers (let’s face it, that’s all that’s left in the bag by the time they get home anyway!)  They get to make a stuffed animal fluffy plush toy of their choosing that they can look back on, even in adulthood and remember the moment they created and named it.  Priceless!!

Secondly as a parent you may have concerns about your child’s health and allergies, or those of the guests who are invited.  Well when you let you child make a bear with a BearHugs party, you don’t have any of those concerns.  They are not going to finish on a sugar high, no one will become ill with a nut allergy or spend two hours eating junk and finishing up bloated and sick from building a teddy bear.

As well as this, as a parent once you book a party you can sit back and relax.  Your child will not be out in public where you have to worry about them running off. You don’t have to concern yourself with your child being injured, like other more physical exercise based parties. 

Yet your special little one still has a great time, with guests taking home a fantastic keepsake when they create their own bear with us.

On top of this you will not have to organise other games for the kids as creating a BearHug with 8-10 of their friends takes about two hours. So there you go, a few benefits for everybody involved.

Suggestions are Welcome

We would like BearHugs to be the first place parents and children go when they think of having a kid’s party.  So.....

If you have any suggestions on how we can improve please call us and we can have a chat about it.  We are here to give your child the best party possible.  So we can continue to improve, We will need your help.  All feedback is welcomed, so if you have an idea or suggestion, don’t be shy.

We service all of Sydney 2000, Parramatta 2150, Hornsby 2077, Castle Hill 2154, Blacktown 2148, Liverpool 2170, Penrith 2750, Richmond 2753, and Windsor 2756 areas for our 'Party Pack' bookings and all of Australia with our mail order facility.

We would like to offer our thanks to you for visiting BearHugs Parties.  Please take a look around the site as there is a lot more information on the products, as well as ideas for kids parties.  To book a party click here.  If you are further afield you will not have access to the 'HugFiller' so you may wish to use our online mail order facility and make a bear by stuffing it by hand.

If you have had a party and enjoyed it, maybe you would like to send us a testimonial by going to our testimonials page.  Or call us on 0407222250  and come create with us.

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