How Mail Orders Work

If you wish to make a bear but are not geographically close to one of our business locations and as such cannot pick up or have the 'HugFiller' stuffing machine delivered.  Why not have us box up your ‘BearHugs’ and post them out to you.  Your child and their friends can help you choose their furry friend online.  Then stuff their 'BearHugs' by hand.  All in all, a win-win for everyone.

For Mail Orders use the flow tabs above.

 Each BearHug plush toy comes with a FREE Angel, Star or Heart Insert, a Birth Certificate.

Birth CertificateAngel Inserts

Please note: Carry Home Boxes are not supplied with the Mail Orders.

If however you are within close proximity to one of our business locations and wish to make a bear with a BearHugs Party, then book a party here.

Running The Party

Depending on how you wish to run your party, each child gets to choose a BearHug plush toy.

This can be done using a pass the parcel game or a first come first served basis. Another way is to draw straws, the child with the shortest straw gets to go back in the draw whilst the winner gets to pick their choice of stuffed toy.

The birthday child doesn't have to do this as they get to choose first.

It is then advisable to explain to the children how the ‘HugFiller’ works covering any safety aspects (A parent should be present whilst any stuffing is taking place.)

Then comes the dressing of the plush toy, if in your order you purchased a set of clothing.

For a more detailed and colourful explanation on 'How to Run the Party' download our PDF

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