How to Make Payment

We accept payment in two ways when you book and order a BearHugs party:

1. Through Paypal when booking and ordering through this site.

To see pricing, order & pay for a booking, go to the 'Party Pricing & Payment' page.

2. Direct payment through Bank transfer to the account below when ordering by phone.

BSB: 032-274
Account No: 39 4859
Please use your last name as a reference when making payment - Thank You.  All prices include GST.

If for any reason you have to make an additional payment you can do so by going to this link 'Additional Payments.'

Please be advised that when you book a bear party and make a bear with BearHugs any information about yourself that you supply through this website is secure, name address DOB etc. For more information see the terms of our secure incrypted SSL Certificate by clicking on the link in the right of the footer of this website.  You can also review the SSL Certificate security section in our Privacy Policy.

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