Fundraising is an integral part of our way of life here in Australia.

We, as a community, simply like to do the right thing.

We help our neighbours, friends, family, our community, our schools as well as people desperately in need.

I think it’s in our gene pool.


We live in a country of abundance and giving a little back to those doing it hard, is what we are all about.

Well BearHugs Parties are no different, we want to contribute.

If you are an individual looking to raise money for someone who is sick, a school, playgroup, sports club, hospital, church group or a corporate identity looking to do the right thing, BearHugs Parties can assist you.

There are two ways we assist you with your fundraising:

Have a BearHugs Party Fundraising Event

Contact us through our contact page or call (02) 9837 3988 for a discounted rate on your BearHugs fundraising event as certain conditions apply.

Earn an Ongoing Income for Your Club or Charity.

With no outlay at all, you can now earn an ongoing income for your club or charity.

Brown Bear with Bumble BeeDownload the 'The Cash Back App' registration page through this link and register your club or charity. Then download The Cash back App to your mobile phone.

You can now share the app with any donors or club members by putting your new app link on your website or newsletter. You can also share this app by using the share button on the app itself on your phone; it links to facebook, twitter, LinkeIn, SMS or email.

When any donor or member that you have shared the link with, uses the app to go shopping at any of the merchants listed on the app, or buys a woolies gift card through the app to purchase groceries or petrol, they receive cashback and loyalty credit from the merchant.

In addition your club or charity gets a percentage of their spending. This can add up to several thousand dollars a year.  This is a fantastic, fast and cost effective way to add considerable funds to your cause.

So download this very effective fundraising tool HERE.

The benefit to you as a club, charity or NFP is that it puts dollars in the bank for the person, school, club or charity you are helping.

So if you are looking for fundraising ideas, BearHugs is a fantastic way to raise funds.

Remember: “There’s Some Love In Every Hug”

Scott & Talia

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