BearHugs - Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many animals in each kit and what is included?

    You can order a party pack of 8, 10, 12, 18 or 24 BearHugs.  We supply a mixed variety of the bears from our range of 12 plush toy skins.  At an additional cost you may choose any style of outfit from our range to complement your party pack size.  Included is the ‘HugFiller’ mobile stuffing machine, the fluff to stuff the bears as well as at least one style of cloth insert either a heart, star or angel for each bear.  Also included is the carry home box and birth certificate.

  • Can I pick-up the stuffing machine and animals?

    Absolutely! This is the way BearHugs was designed. The HugFiller was designed so that it would fit in the back seat of a small or medium size car. That way you can collect the HugFiller, your BearHugs along with any clothing and accessories and not have to pay for any delivery. However if you wish to have the items delivered we can arrange it for an additional fee.

  • What preparation do I need to transport the HugFiller?

    The HugFiller sits easily on the back seat of a small car. However there is a bond to cover any damage incurred so it is advisable to remove baby seats and other object that may damage the HugFiller as well as keep the HugFiller dry. Support the HugFiller from rolling around during transportation.

  • What is the size of the BearHugs once stuffed?

    At this time we supply the BearHugs that are 40cm (16”) in height when filled.

  • When do I return the HugFiller machine?

    Your rental agreement is for the date and time stated on the rental agreement form. The normal length of a BearHugs party is approx 2 hours but we allow you a 4 hour window to pick up and return the machine. However in most cases the HugFiller for morning parties can be picked up the night before the party and afternoon parties can be returned later than the return time set out in the agreement. Confirmation must be sought in each individual case or the agreement stands.

  • Do I have to pay a cash bond when I pick-up the HugFiller?

    Yes. All rentals are subject to a $200 cash bond and photo identification such as a driving licence on pickup. The bond is there to make sure the HugFiller is returned back in the same condition and returned by the agreed time.

  • What is the size and weight of the HugFiller?

    The HugFiller weighs approx 36Kgs and measures 45cm x 45cm square and 76cm high.

  • Do I need electricity?

    Yes. One standard power outlet is needed for operation within 5m.

  • Do you have insurance?

    Yes. We carry $20 million public liability insurance.

  • What happens if I cancel?

    If it is within 14 days of the function then you would lose the deposit (50% of total basic order) as it is a guarantee of delivery. We're no different to booking theatre tickets or booking a aircraft seat. We have given our guarantee of supplying you with your choice on the day and we enjoy the same assurances from you with a deposit.

  • Why can’t I pay COD?

    No. Our HugFiller machines and supplies are in high demand and to assure your booking, we ask that payment is made upfront.

  • Why do you ask for cash on the day for phone bookings?

    Because we have supplied you with everything that you ordered, we require full payment so there is no payment delay.

  • Can I buy additional BearHugs or accessories when I pickup the machine?

    Yes, however stock may not be available due product being set aside for other bookings. To guarantee your requirements are met it is best to pre-order at least 14-30 days prior to your party.

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