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My name is Karina Jonhston and I first started my bear making business in 2014. My original business is Filla Bear, which you can find on Facebook. In January 2016 I became the owner of a second bear making business called BearHugs Parties. I have been wanting to set up a business like this for approximately 10 years. Finally I got there in the end and fulfilled my dream. I also run a business called 'Salt City Candles By Karina' which you can also find on Facebook. I have been selling candles for 10 years now. My range includes Salt City Candles, Soul Luxury Candles and The Be Enlightened Scented Candles range. I also stock diffusers, body bars, hand creams, room sprays, candle holders plus more. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in any of these products on 0407222250 or (02) 45773480.

In 1988 I commenced my studies in child care and was also working in Long Day Care at the time. When I was 21 years of age I opened my very own small child care center. Since then I have owned and operated three child care centers. I only have one child care center now, being Collith Avenue Before & After School Care, which I have been running for 21 years. We have an area at the center set up just for our families to make a new fury friend whenever they like. The staff love doing them just as much as the children. They really do bring a lot of joy and excitement to everyone. The hardest part about  BearHugs Parties is choosing which new friend to take home. We also have a party venue room / building at the Center for BearHugs and Filla Bear parties which seem to be very popular. These parties are at a additional cost which includes - room hire, staff, ball pit, back yard and 6 massive trampolines as well as play room equipment etc. For more information on this package please don't hesitate to call the center on (02)45773480.


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Married With Children.

I met my husband Greg in December of 1986 and in 1994 we were married. I have two sons, Bradly and Harrison. My boys keep me very busy with their interests. I designed my Filla Bear logo by cartooning my youngest son Harrison, who has big blue eyes and brown curley locks. When I first started this business my boys were very keen to be hands on with making their own bears. So many choices with 21 new fury friends to choose from. It was like a production line, before I knew it all their friends and cousins were over wanting to make one as well...lol. BearHugs is definitely for all ages. 

Make Your Own BearHug With One Of Our Parties

In all it has taken quite some time to get this theme party idea, BearHugs, up and running, with trade mark applications,sourcing stock, insurances, marketing etc, as well as making sure the children get the best experience they can have. 

I hope you will try us and have a fantastic time when you make your bear at a BearHugs plush toy party. 

If you are not in the vicinity of our business and cannot pick up or place a delivery request, please consider our mail order process where we can post out your bear skins and accessories to you. 

Click on this book a party link if you wish to know a little bit more on how BearHugs works, contact us via our 'Contact BearHugs' page, or give us a call on 0407222250 (02)45773480. 

I look forward to hearing from you.


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